Everything you’ve been told about getting rich is wrong. This is what the Elite .01% doesn't want you to know...

“Mommy, why is that man hurting you?”

I’ll never forget the look in my son's eyes when he walked in on me while “working” with a John.

Or to put it more bluntly, the day he discovered me having sex with a random man…

Because I was a prostitute.

And to make matters worse, my son wasn't alone when he showed up unexpectedly.

His English teacher from school was there to talk to me about my son's recent dip in grades.

"And they both saw me doing the unthinkable".

We were living in the slums in Queens, New York at the time and it’s all I could do to pay the rent.

And while I’ll never forgive myself for scarring my only son like that…

Believe it or not, I’m actually glad that I went through that awful experience.

Because it was a major turning point in my life.

And without it, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Going from a former prostitute living in humiliation and shame…

To living the type of life you only see on Instagram.

Living with my son in a beach house on Long Island.

Lounging by the pool every day in between my tennis lessons.

And best of all, having that sense of security.

The kind of security that comes when you realize that you don't have to worry about money anymore.

That, my friend, is true freedom.

Freedom that most people will never get to experience.

(More on that in just a minute.)

And while my story has a happy ending...

It’s still incredibly painful to share the darkest, most shameful days in my life.

But I know that it’s my duty to share this so that it can help others.

Because the good news is, you can have the same happy ending that I had…

All thanks to a recent study from M.I.T.and something called a “wealth valve”.

So that you can open up the flow of “wealth energy” into your life effortlessly.

That’s right.

Because the secret to attracting and building true wealth isn't about working harder.
That’s just a lie that the 0.1%ers have sold us on. All while they keep a stranglehold on their wealth
Haven't you ever wondered why some people can work themselves to death and still never get ahead?

While Fortune 500 CEOs can work 2-3 hours a day and bring home millions?

Well once you see how the flow of wealth energy actually works, you’ll never have to wonder again.

Just imagine the feeling you’ll have when you never have to worry about money again.

The peace that comes with financial security is indescribable.

Picture waking up in your seaside home.

But instead of waking up to an alarm and rushing out the door…

You wake up on your time.

The salty smell of the ocean fills your nostrils immediately brings a smile to your face.

The soft light of the sunrise comes in through your windows.

The sounds of birds and waves gently waking you up.

And the biggest decision you have to make is whether you want to drive your BMW convertible or your Mercedes SUV to the golf course that day.

If that sounds like the kind of freedom you’ve been longing for, then pay close attention to what I share today.

Because what I’m revealing today is your ticket to freedom.

And you’ll be relieved to know that it doesn't involve working harder, mastering meditation, getting a college degree, the law of attraction, or any of the other traditional methods that people try.

Instead, it all has to do with a Chinese multi-millionaire, the flow of wealth energy, and something called the “wealth valve”.

And once you understand how to turn this wealth valve to wide open…

You’ll have money flowing into your life like never before.

And the best part is once you set the wealth valve wide open…

The money will flow to you effortlessly...no work required!

Does that sound good to you?

If so, make sure you read all the way to the end today.

I’m going to share my personal story of how I went from a desperate single mom resorting to prostitution to pay the bills…

To a multi-millionaire living the life normally reserved for Hollywood celebrities.
And more importantly, I’ll show you how you can make the same 
life transformation starting today.

No matter how poor you are right now. And no matter how long you’ve been struggling in life...this will work for you.
Hi, my name is Jasmine Lee.

And I’m here to tell you...

No one ever wants to become a prostitute.

But not too long ago I’d fallen on some hard times.

The rent came due one month and I didn’t have the money to pay rent to my landlord.

My son just had an ER visit due to a broken leg and that drained every penny in my bank account.
I didn't know what to do.

As a single mother with no family around I felt hopeless.

The one thing I knew is that I didn't want my son living on the streets.

My baby boy deserved a home!

He deserved to feel safe.

The day the rent was due, I sheepishly made my way down to the landlord’s office.

I didn't really know what I was going to say.
I just figured I’d ask for an extension and figure out some way to come up with the money.

When I proposed this to my landlord Bob, he seemed surprisingly relaxed about it.

Then he suggested we head up to my apartment to see if there were any projects I could do to earn my rent.

But I never in a million years would have guessed what happened next.

Once we got up to my apartment, Bob walked up behind me and put both his giant hands on my shoulders.

He told me everything was going to be OK.

He said he understood my situation and that he didn't want to see me and my son living in a cardboard box somewhere.

He said there weren't any projects I could do on the apartment building but he wanted to help me out.

As he was rubbing my shoulders I felt more uncomfortable than I had in my entire life.

But all I could think of is my little boy sleeping on the littered, crime-filled NY streets at night.

So I didn’t move.

Then Bob finally said what was on his mind.

He said that if I took care of him, that he’d take care of me.

Then he spun me around looked directly into my eyes and said:

"You Know What I Mean."

And that’s how I accidentally became a “prostitute.”

Trading sex for a roof over our heads.

Eventually, my landlord introduced me to a couple other clients.

The money they offered was too good to turn down.

I had to swallow my pride to keep my son safe.

Because my minimum wage job cleaning office buildings wasn’t covering the bills.
It was the most disgusting and shameful period of my life.

But at least I was able to keep a roof over my son's head and keep him in his good charter school.

The school my son needed in order to stay away from the gang activity that took over the neighborhood.
So while things weren't great, at least I was making it work for the time being.

At least until the day that my son unexpectedly came home with his English teacher.

I was caught right in the act. Money was on the dresser and everything.

The “John” I was working with angrily got up and quickly got dressed.

On his way out he snatched the money off the dresser.

And announced that he wasn't paying for it this time.
My son and his teacher just stood there in shock.

Trying to process what they'd just seen.

It was the most horrifying day of my life.

I know it was for my 9-year-old son too.

Eventually, word got around the neighborhood that I was a prostitute.

And then finally the day arrived.

The state of New York came to take my son away.

An investigation revealed that I was an unfit mother.

And that’s when I broke down.
I could handle the public shaming.

The humiliation.

All the gossip and talk behind my back.


This was the last straw.

I stayed in my dark apartment for days.

I didn't go to my day job.

I didn't eat.

I didn't do anything except cry.

Until finally on day 3, I suddenly snapped out of it.

What the hell was I doing?

I couldn't just lay there feeling sorry for myself.

I had to do something to get my son back!

So I got up, took a shower for the first time in days, and got dressed.

I Had A Mission To Complete. 

I honestly had no idea where to start or what to do.

Eventually, I decided to head down to the public library, because hey, it’s free.

But when I went there I had no idea what I was actually going to do.
So I just sat down in a chair and closed my eyes.

And I asked the universe for a sign.

Now I’m not sure if I believe in God.

I’ve never considered myself religious.

And I’ve never really been into any of that woo-woo stuff.
But I had nothing to lose.

So I figured what the hell.

The chain of events that followed seemed like something straight out of a novel or Hollywood film.

After a couple of minutes, I felt a sense of calm.

It’s hard to explain, but I just felt at peace for the first time in a long time.

I decided to get up and walk around the massive library.

What was I even doing here? I thought to myself.

Finally, I figured I’d walk over to the self-help book section.

Seemed like a good place to start since I needed money.

Except I never made it there.

As I was walking, one of the librarians stopped me in my tracks.
I started to reply that she must be mistaken, I hadn’t asked anybody for a book.

But then I thought about how I’d asked the universe for a sign.

Could this be it?

I smiled and took the book, thanking the librarian for her help.

When I looked down at the title, I was a little surprised.

It was a book on ancient Chinese history.

I sat down in the nearest chair to skim through this random book and see if anything popped out at me.

But when I sat in the chair I realized that there were a couple of books in the chair that I hadn't noticed.

I looked around to see if anyone might have been the owner.

But I was alone in that section of the library.

I picked up the books and was taken aback by what I saw.
And underneath that was a book titled:

Ancient Chinese Wealth: A forgotten history of prosperity.

I felt like this was an unmistakable sign.

Could this really be a coincidence?

I had a little bit of cash saved up from my prostitution days, but not much.

So I decided right then and there to buy a plane ticket to China.

I had no idea what I would discover there.

But there had to be something else out there.

Something that I was missing out on.

And it sure seemed like the universe was telling me that I’d find that something in China.
A few days later I was getting on a jumbo jet bound for the far east.

When I went to sleep in my seat I was expecting to wake up in Beijing, where I booked my flight to.

Instead, I woke up to rough turbulence and an announcement from the pilot.

We’d hit a bad storm and were forced to divert the flight.

When we landed we were in some place called ChiFeng.

It was certainly much smaller than Beijing.

At first, I was frustrated.

But maybe I wasn't supposed to go to Beijing after all.

Maybe the Universe Sent Me Here on Purpose?

I couldn't believe I was actually thinking this way, but there was no turning back now.

I got off the plane. I grabbed a taxi and asked him to take me to a hotel in town.

The driver smiled and zoomed off.

When we got to the tiny hotel, I was expecting a bit of a language barrier.

But sitting behind the front desk was a white man.
He had a silver goatee and long unkempt hair.

His striking green eyes seemed to be peering right into my soul.

“Well hello there,” the man said in a friendly inviting voice.

He was clearly an American.

And I was clearly being awkward as I tried to process what I was seeing.

What Brings You Here? 

“My name is Bruce. Welcome to Chifeng, what brings you here? We rarely see westerners around these parts.”

“Oh, I just needed a little break.” I told him unconvincingly.

He just grinned and continued to look at me with those piercing green eyes.

“So you just flew to the other side of the globe, to a random town that no one ever visits...just for a break huh?”
It felt like he knew there was something deeper.
The warmth and inviting energy he put out made me feel at ease.

It’s hard to describe, but it felt like the universe was guiding me once again.

And that’s when I spilled my guts.

I told him everything that led up to this moment.

Including the humiliating part about becoming a prostitute and having my son taken away by the state.

About finally giving in and asking the universe for help.

About the strange series of events at the library, and the random decision to buy a plane ticket to Beijing out of pure desperation.

And how I’d ended up in this random town because of a weather diversion.

Bruce smiled a big warm smile, and said “Congratulations.”

You’ve found what you were looking for.

I just stood there stunned…

After all, I wasn't even sure what I was looking for.

But what Bruce told me after that blew my mind wide open.

I thought my journey had been crazy up to that point…

But things were about to get even crazier…

Much crazier.
Bruce then revealed 3 ancient secrets to me.

“Universal truths” he called them.

Understanding these universal truths is the key to becoming wealthy.

And boy did they ever transform my life!
But it’s not because I'm special or because I traveled across the globe to discover them.

Quite the contrary!

In fact, these universal truths can radically change your life too.

Allowing you to attract as much money and wealth as your heart desires.

The first thing Bruce told me was this:

“Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Even money and wealth.”

The emperors of centuries past called it Chi.

Today most people simply know it as “energy.”

He went on to explain how energy is invisible, like electricity.

But it’s still there and its made up of tiny particles.

And everything has its own specific energy.

Kinda like how we humans all have different fingerprints.

So everything puts off its own specific energy into the universe.

“Vibes” if you will.

Now this information wasn't particularly surprising to me.

I’d heard of this idea before.

Some folks even point to Einstein's E= MC (squared) formula proving this theory.

Then Bruce asked me a question that threw me off guard.
“Have you heard of the Magnus effect?”
He went on to explain that The Magnus effect is what allows a spinning ball to curve.

A pitcher throwing a curveball in a baseball game is the perfect example.

Now I don't know anything about baseball.

But you don't have to be a baseball fan to understand why the curve ball is such a hard pitch to hit.

The Magnus effect is what makes the ball curve…

And actually accelerates the speed of the ball after it leaves the pitcher's hands.

I think Bruce saw that he was starting to lose me there.

After all, what do curveballs have to do with money and wealth?
Then he told me about how researchers from M.I.T. were able to duplicate the Magnus effect in a lab. 

But instead of baseballs, they were able to “control the movement of tiny particles floating in suspension.”

All by using electrical fields to move the microscopic particles.

So they have been able to make these tiny particles curve around the physical object…

While accelerating the speed of the particles at the same time.
Things were starting to click in my brain.

“So you just said that money and wealth are made up of energy…

And that energy is made up of tiny particles…

So that means you can actually “move” money and wealth?

And thanks to the magnus effect, we can actually direct the flow of wealth energy while accelerating its speed? “

A smile crept across Bruce’s face.

He could see that I was starting to get it.

So then he revealed the second universal truth.

"You can manipulate the flow of money by channeling its energy."

Ok, that’s starting to make sense...

“But what about this electrical field? What’s that all about?”

Bruce went on to explain that this electrical field the researchers were using to move these tiny particles was just an artificial form of energy.

He told me that’s what makes this work.

And kept gushing about how it’s such an amazing, mind blowing thing.

Because these scientific discoveries are confirming what eastern doctrines have been teaching for centuries.

That you CAN attract energy.

Including the energy that money and wealth are made up of.

Not only that, but you can actually create the speed at which the wealth energy flows into your life.

Then Bruce revealed the third “universal truth.”

He explained that this last one is what ties everything together.
“You need to open up your 
'wealth valve' in order for 
this to work ."
He explained that once you crank this “wealth valve” wide open…

You will attract all the money you’ll ever need effortlessly.

But here’s the crazy part about it…

This “wealth valve” was first used by Chinese emperors centuries ago

But new scientific studies from the most prestigious universities on the planet -- like M.I.T. -- are now showing why this wealth valve works.

Because once you crack open your own wealth valve…

It unlocks the flow of wealth into your life.

Attracting money like flies on a dog turd.

All because of how attracting, accelerating and directing the flow of energy works.

And this wealth valve is how you open the flow of wealth energy into your life.

While banishing negative energy (or bad chi) from your surroundings and from your life.

And once you know how to open your wealth valve…

You’ll never have to worry about money again.

It’ll be like turning on the “money faucet” in your life.

And once you get the hang of it, it'll likely be more like a firehose of money and abundance in your life.

And the best part is this wealth valve is timeless.

It will work for anybody, anywhere.

No matter how broke you are now.

Once you understand how to open it up to attract wealth…

You’ll almost laugh at how easy it is.

Then he asked me the question I’d been hoping he’d ask. 

"Would you like to know how to open your wealth valve?"

“YES!” I shouted. 

 Slightly embarrassed by my loud outburst.

He chuckled for a moment.

Then he proceeded to share how he discovered the wealth valve himself.

He told me that he’d moved to China to originally study Feng Shui.

Specifically the relationship between Feng Shui and wealth.

But most of what he was finding was surface level material.

He always felt like there was a missing piece or something.

(Maybe you can relate.)

And right when he was ready to call it quits…
He discovered some ancient scriptures in an old village one day while hunting for a rare tea.

And the scriptures spoke of a balance.

A balance of energy in your life that will unlock the flow of wealth energy.

AKA cracking open the wealth valve.
And here’s the kicker.

It’s so simple that for 99% of people, it’s as simple as changing up your surroundings a bit.

Which is something most folks will be able to accomplish in as little as a day.

Once you balance out the energy in your surroundings, everything will start to change for you.

I know it did for me.

And it’s done so for thousands upon thousands of other folks throughout history.

All thanks to the ability to open up their wealth valve.
And when that valve is opened to “full blast.”

It’ll bring a steady flow of money into your life, without working any harder

So I asked Bruce to share the secret to cracking open the wealth valve in my own life..

I really wanted this to be as easy as he made it sound.

But truth is, deep down inside, I was skeptical.

I’d been let down by everything else in my life.

The idea that I was finally catching a break seemed too good to be true.

But at the same time, the unlikely string of events that led me here seems like too much to just be a coincidence.

And at this point I had nothing to lose.

I’d flown to the other side of the globe on a whim.

Bruce gave me the notebook but told me not to read until I was back home.

I didn't understand why at the time…

But I didn't want to test the universe at this point.

So I went ahead and booked a flight home the next day.

When I got to my apartment, I got the notebook out immediately.

And when I started diving into the ancient secrets, 


I needed to change the energy inside myself and the energy in my surroundings as well.

In order to allow the flow of positive chi, I needed to change some things.

I finished reading the notebook in about an hour.

I was surprised at how quick of a read it was.

But luckily it didn't have any fluff, just the info needed to start attracting wealth energy.

As soon as I finished reading it I could already feel a change in the way I felt.

The short read had opened up my mind to new ideas and

Now I felt like the whole vibe in the room had changed.  

It’s hard to explain...

You know how you can feel the tension when you walk into a room where two people are having an argument?

And you know how it feels to walk into a bustling pub in the city where a group of friends are celebrating.

Two very different vibes you can feel, but not physically see.
Well, it felt like the vibes in my apartment changed completely.

But I wasn't done yet.

If I was really gonna crank the valve wide open, I needed to make my surroundings more friendly to the flow of energy as well.

So that the whole Magnus effect could do its thing.
That took me about 20 minutes to do.

And honestly, the room felt alive with energy at that point.

And I really mean it felt like it came alive.
I know that probably sounds a little crazy, but it’s hard to explain.

At that point, I was simply exhausted.

I’d just traveled from the other side of the globe and I needed some rest.

I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.

I woke up to the sound of someone pounding on the door.

When I answered, it was a kind older gentleman introducing himself as the new landlord.

I was thrilled to know that I’d never have to see that wretched old landlord, Bob ever again.

But then the new landlord gave me even more good news.

He said he’d heard about the way I’d been treated and wanted to give me the next 3 months for free!

That was a huge relief since I spent the rest of my savings on my trip to China.

I couldn't believe my luck.   

And if you had told me what was to come...I would have told you that you were off your rocker.

Because within the next couple of weeks, the doors of abundance flew wide open.

First I received a check for $4,777.00 from the IRS.

It came with a letter saying there was an error and I was owed this amount.

I mean seriously, how often does that happen?!
Next, I received a job offer making 6-figures per year as a consultant for one of the biggest cleaning corporations in New York!

I couldn't believe my luck.

But then the best news of all came.

I had a court date to appeal my case with the state, so I could win custody of my son back.

And thanks to my job and financial security, I won the case without even putting up a fight!

I can't even begin to tell you how great it felt to get my son back.  

From that point forward it felt like everything in my life was full of positive energy.  

I could tell you about my fancy new home that I bought right on the beach in the Hamptons.

Which is completely within my budget now that I’ve launched my own 8-figure business.

Or about how good it feels to drive my pearl-white Landrover past the old apartment building that I used to live in.

The one that I used to turn tricks in…

But the truth is just having my son back and being financially secure is what really makes me beam with joy every day.

Knowing that I’ll never have to worry about selling my body for rent money.

Knowing that no one will ever be able to take my son away from me again.

And the fact that I’ll never have to worry about money again is a truly incredible feeling.

For the first time in my life, I finally feel truly FREE.

All because of the wealth valve that Bruce shared with me.

And the best part is, it doesn't require any work.

No mastering meditation.

No studying the Law of Attraction.

No years spent at a monastery in the mountains somewhere.
All-in-all I spent probably a total of 90 minutes opening up my wealth valve.

And ever since then, I’ve had the flow of wealth energy pouring into my life like Niagara falls pours into the river.

Which is how we ended up here, now.

Shortly after my good fortune started coming into my life, I emailed Bruce. 

I wanted to share this amazing secret with the rest of the world!

After all, I know that I’m not the only single mom who’s had to sink to such low heights just to support her kids.

But Bruce told me he wasn't in it for the money.

He was happy as he could be there in China and had all the money needed.

He was more than happy just helping random people who really wanted to seek out the truth.

But I pleaded with Bruce to let me spread the word.

In the end we came to an agreement.
I would spread the word about the wealth valve.

But I would keep the cost at an affordable rate. Just enough to cover the costs of production.

And enough to cover the second part of the agreement.
To donate a portion of the proceeds to women's shelters in inner cities.
To help other women who were in a similar situation as I was.

That sounded good to me, so I got started on my new life mission.

And that’s to help as many people as possible open the flow of wealth into their life.

I’m thrilled to invite you to experience the same life-changing results that myself, and dozens of others have experienced.



It’s the only program that takes the ancient teachings of Feng Shui and the ”Wealth Valve”, and pairs them with modern science. 

And this website is the only place that you can find it.

Because the truth is, there are lots of people out there who make a LOT of money trying to sell people, wealth seminars, and other materials.

It seems like the folks in that industry have figured out how to milk unsuspecting consumers for all their money.

And they do it by playing the long game.

And that’s why they hate Wealth Energy Mastery.

So we’ve already had a few threatening letters and other threats come in.

That's why I can't guarantee you this website will be here once you leave today.  

If you can see this page today, I highly recommend you take action while you still can.

Like I was saying, this is NOT a program that takes years or months to complete.

In fact, if you have about 55 minutes to go through Wealth Energy Mastery, you’ll be able to apply the principles in your life.  

Setting up your surroundings so that the valve is cranked wide open, pumping wealth and money into your life.

And the best part is that it’s effortless.

You don't have to actually do anything to make the money flow.

You’ll have it all set up to flow AUTOMATICALLY.

Which is far better than taking years trying to figure out the law of attraction.

Or taking off to a monastery somewhere to become “enlightened.”

Do you even know anyone that’s really mastered meditation anyway?

Because I sure don't.

Instead, I urge you to let Wealth Energy Mastery do the work for you.

Because once you open up the valve to let wealth energy flow…

You can sit back and reap the rewards!

When you download Wealth Energy Mastery today, turn your phone on silent.

Get rid of all distractions. Sit down in a quiet place and read the ancient secrets revealed inside.

It will take you less than 30 minutes to “download” this information into your subconscious.
Then check your surroundings and make any adjustments necessary to open up the valve for wealth energy.

It’s so simple a 5th grader could do it!

Then sit back and watch wealth and abundance flow into your life.

Sounds incredible, right?

Look, there are about a million “get-rich” schemes on the internet.

Most of them are 100% B.S.

Scams meant to weasel you out of your money.
Because none of them even address the root cause of the problem. 
That money is made up of a certain kind of energy...

That you're blocking the flow of “wealth energy” into your life.

And it makes sense really.

As I was saying earlier, these folks make a TON of money tricking well-meaning folks into playing the “long game.”

Always extracting more money out of these poor people’s wallets.

But I’m not in this for the money.

I’ve already solved my money problem.

Now I’m on a mission.  

A mission to make sure that no other single mom has to turn to prostitution just to support her kids.

A mission to help as many people as I can to be financially secure.

Because let's face it.

The quality of your life is absolutely dependent on how much money you have.

It’s impossible to describe the way you feel when you don't have to worry about money anymore.

It’s like life is just starting when you hit that point.

Your eyes are opened up to a whole other set of possibilities.
To live a life of TRUE freedom
And with some of the well-known “wealth gurus” that are hot on our tail right at this moment.

And they are trying like hell to protect their livelihood by getting this page shut down...one way or another.

It truly breaks my heart to think about how many other folks can transform their lives with this information.

How many women, men, and children are suffering unnecessarily just because they don't know about the flow of wealth?

I actually feel like it’s my duty to get this out to as many people as possible.

Like, maybe I was put on this earth for this very reason.

And that my suffering, humiliation, and shame weren't all for nothing.

Plus the results I’ve had from a few trial runs have been wildly successful.

Just look at how Mandy from Oakland transformed her life:

Here's what she had to say

“I was living in an old abandoned trailer when I discovered Wealth Energy Mastery. At the time I was living on ramen noodles and ketchup sandwiches. It seemed like no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get ahead. I thought I’d never escape the cycle of poverty. But once I discovered how wealth energy actually works, my life transformed almost overnight. It’s really that easy. Now I live in a luxury high-rise condo and drive a BMW. I’m literally a walking rags-to-riches story.”

Mandy S. -- Oakland, CA

Or how Trenell from Arkansas was able to get his wife the surgery she needed to save her life.

“This program literally saved my wife’s life. We needed to come up with $58,000 to treat a rare form of brain cancer that she was diagnosed with. And time was running out fast. My job with the postal service wasn't going to cut it. Luckily we met Jasmine during a layover in Chicago and she shared Wealth Energy Mastery. It was so quick and easy that we were able to come up with the money in the very short time we had to save my wife’s life. I can never express how grateful I am to still have my soulmate!”

Trenell C. -- Little Rock, AR

And I never get tired of hearing Amanda’s incredible story.

“When I met Jasmine I was living at a homeless shelter for abused women. I think she took me under her wing because we had a similar story. I also tried prostitution to pay the bills. But I ended up just getting robbed and beaten within an inch of my life. That’s when Jasmine introduced me to Wealth Energy Mastery. Even as bad a shape as I was in...and even though I was living in a homeless shelter...I was still able to open the flow of money into my life. And to think I almost never even tried it because I was so skeptical. Now I thank my lucky stars that Jasmine showed me this amazing secret. And I have plenty of them to count too since I moved to some land I bought in Costa Rica. Wealth Energy Mastery transformed my life almost overnight.”

Amanda G. -- Detroit, MI
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve received so many messages of hope and lives being transformed that it’s almost overwhelming.

But it never gets old!

Now of course, when some folks see how powerful Wealth Energy Mastery is…

They tell me this program is easily $5,000 or more.

But when you choose to invest in yourself today, you won't pay even a fraction of that.

Because the truth is… 

I could have people lined up willing to pay $10,000, or even $25,000 to claim their copy of this powerful, life-transforming program.

But as I mentioned earlier, I’m not in this for the money.

Frankly, money doesn't motivate me anymore, now that I have more than I’ll ever need.

What I want to do is help other people who are in bad situations like I was in.

I want to give people a chance to escape the endless cycle of poverty.

I want to give people hope.

I want to pay it forward.

So I’ve priced this as low as I could to cover the costs and have a little leftover to donate to women's shelters.

Your investment is a mere $37 today.

For most people I talk to this is an absolute no-brainer for anybody who isn't Bill Gates-rich.

You’re probably thinking the same thing to yourself right now.

So if you're ready to put an end to your life of scarcity.

And open up the flow of wealth energy into your life…

So that you can allow money, wealth, and abundance to flow to you effortlessly…


Original Price




After you click that button…

You'll be taken to a highly secure page where you’ll type in your order info.

Just so you know, we’ve partnered with the online platform called “Clickbank” to process our transactions.

That’s because they offer “best in class” world-class, military-grade encryption and security.

So that your info and your privacy is 100% secure.

After you enter your info and hit “submit”...

You’ll arrive at a page where you can download your copy.

And you’ll have immediate access to Wealth Energy Mastery.

This is one of the reasons we wanted to make this a digital product.

Because you will be able to download it and start using Wealth Energy Mastery today.

And while this alone is enough to completely change your life on it’s own…

I’ve decided to sweeten the deal for you.

So when you invest in Wealth Energy Mastery today, you’ll also get 3 special bonuses.

I’m convinced that these bonuses will make your experience even smoother and better. 

You're going to love them. 

And they’re my way of saying “thank you” for supporting my cause. 

Bonus #1 - Wealth Energy Home Blueprint ($99 Value)

This is a simple-to-follow blueprint to set up your home to invite wealth.

You’ll understand plenty about this once you have your copy of Wealth Energy Mastery. But this blueprint is basically A “done for you” version that will make it even faster and easier for you.

Just follow this blueprint and your home will be optimized for the flow of wealth within minutes!

Bonus #2 - Wealth Amplifier ($49 Value)

You already know that each kind of energy has its own “frequency.”

That’s why I made these audio tracks specifically engineered to invite wealth energy into your living space.
These musical tracks are based on ancient teaching of feng shui and balance out the 5 elements of the earth: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The key here is to balance out the elements in your home so you can make sure you unlock the flow of wealth energy to you.

Simply turn these tracks on in the background and let the music do the work!

Bonus #3 - Your Wealth Reading ($49 Value)

You’ll also get your very own Zodiac fortune reading.

This will help predict your future health, wealth status, and relationship outlook. All based on your Zodiac sign.

Many folks have found this helpful in planning for their future. Especially with so many changes on the horizon!

So I figured I throw it in as a free bonus for anyone who invests in themselves today.
So, if you want to get your hands on this wealth altering tools...

I’d advise you to click the button below to start your order now in case we are forced to take this page down again.
Which brings me to one more thing.


I know that words can trigger fear from some people.

Because some folks just think “risk” when they hear the word investment.

But that’s not the kind of investment you're making today.

Yes you are investing in yourself, in your family and in your future..

So that you can live a better life sooner than later.

But there’s absolutely no risk involved with this investment.

In fact I’m giving you a 100% money-back guarantee when you invest in Wealth Energy Mastery today.
I want to make the decision as easy as possible for you today.

That’s why I’ve decided to shoulder all the risks here.

While I'm confident that you will have amazing results just like the other people you’ve read about today…

I want to make sure you feel comfortable when you make this small investment today.
So if at any time in the next year, you decide that you're not getting your money’s worth out of Wealth Energy Mastery (and the free bonuses)...

Simply shoot me an email and I will refund you on the spot.

No questions asked.

Who knows…

Maybe you're not ready for that kind of life transformation right now.

That’s ok.

So I want to make sure you're not risking any of your hard-earned dough on something you're not quite ready for.

Which means you really have nothing to lose.

Making this as much of a no-brainer as possible.

So when you're ready, go ahead and click the “add to cart” button below.
And you’ll have Wealth Energy Mastery and the three bonuses downloaded within minutes.

So that you can finally open up the flow of wealth and abundance into your life.

And begin living a life of true freedom and happiness.

All at no risk to you.

Now I know taking action like this can be scary.

I know I was terrified to hop on a plane and fly to the other side of the world all alone.

But what if I hadn't?

Where would I be right now?

Where would you be?

All I'm saying is sometimes you just have to take the leap.

Not a massive leap like I did, going on a crazy trip like that.

But a safe, calculated leap like investing in Wealth Energy Mastery is 100% risk-free.

Look, you have two paths in front of you right now.

The first path is just to continue on the way you have been.

Keep doing what you've been doing.

And continue to block the flow of wealth and abundance in your life.

And guess what?

Nothing is going to change.

Things will just keep going as they were going.
But now you have a second path.

One that you’ve never seen before.

And while this path is unfamiliar…

It’s filled with unimaginable abundance.

It’s impossible to describe how it feels to not have to worry about money anymore.

It is so incredibly liberating and uplifting…

It’s the life of true freedom that the universe intended for us before all this modernization ruined things.

If you want that life of true freedom and happiness for your family, there’s really no other option.

And frankly, I think we both know that it’s no coincidence that you landed on this page today.

So if you're ready to embrace your new life of abundance, take a deep breath…

And click the button below.

I cannot wait to see what's in store for you.

Wealth Energy Mastery

($179 Value)

Wealth Energy Home Blueprint

($99 Value)

Wealth Amplifier

($49 Value)

Your Wealth Reading

($49 Value)

Total Value: $376

Original Price





Q: How soon can I expect results?

A: Of course it depends on every person and where they're at in life. But most people can feel a difference as soon as the first day! 

 We’ve seen people amass fortunes in just a matter of weeks. 

 But no matter where you're at right now Wealth Energy Mastery will work for you.

Q:  I don't live in a nice place and I’m not spiritual. Will Wealth Energy Mastery work for me?

A: Absolutely. Remember I was living in a run down apartment before Wealth Energy Mastery transformed my life. 

We’ve seen success from folks living in crime-ridden trailer parks and homeless shelters. 

No matter how bleak your life seems right now, Wealth Energy Mastery can change the entire course of your life!

Q:  Is this really risk free to try?

A: YES!! 

We meant what we said when we gave you a 1-year 100% money-back guarantee. 

We are so confident that Wealth Energy Mastery will improve your life drastically that we are “betting the farm” on it!  

Q:  How is my personal information protected?

A: We protect your personal information with 256 bit encryption technologies using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 

We’ve hired the best (ex-military) encryption specialists to make sure your information is ultra safe. 

Q: I’m on the fence about buying Wealth Energy Mastery. Will it still be the same price next week?

A: While I have no plans to raise the price of Wealth Energy Mastery... I cannot guarantee that this page will be here once you leave today. 

As I’ve mentioned, the 'wealth gurus' has been hounding me about this and they DO NOT want this information to be public. 

If you even think you might be interested, I’d advise you to claim your copy of Wealth Energy Mastery today. 


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